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Тема: « Визначте функцію герундію. » (ID:11403)

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I. Перепишіть речення. Визначте функцію герундію. Перекладіть речення на українську мову.

1. Our country is interested in normalizing of relations with the developed capitalist countries.

a) підмет; b) додаток; c) частина присудку

2. The question of normalizing trade relations with these countries is now regarded.

а) обставина b) означення'. c) додаток

II. Виберіть необхідну за змістом форму дієприкметника. Перепишіть речення, перекладіть їх на українську

1. The raw material base or light Industry has been considerably expanded thanks to the modem materials ... by
the chemical Industry.

a) Supplying b) being supplied: c) haulne supplied.

2. Science is closely connected with Industry greatly ... to its progress.

a) being contributed: b) having been contributed:

c) contributing.

Ill- Замініть підрядні речення дієприкметниковими зворотами та перекладіть на українську мову.

3PA30K: The large building wich is being constructed in our street is a new school. The large building being
constructed in our street is a new school. Велика споруда, що будується на нашій вулиці - нова школа.

When he had fullfiled his task he returned home. Having ful filled his task he returned home. Виконавши
завдання, він повернувся додому.

1.The machinary, which is being installed in our shop /цех/.will be put into operation next week.

2.When the plant had installed this computer it was able to achieve a greater volume of production.

IV. Перепишіть та перекладіть речення, що включають залежний та незалежний ( самостійний) дієприкметникові

1.Tne enterprise introducing the progressive technology begins to produce top-quality goods.

2.The progressive technology having been introduced, they began to produce top-quality goods.

V. Прочитайте та усно перекладіть увесь текст. Абзац 3 перепишіть та перекладіть письмово.

Пояснення до тексту:

1.goods товари

2.commodity ек. товари

3.Income прибуток

4.Input видатки, витрати

5. Exerted прикладений, виявлений

6.executive співробітник, службовець


Economics deals with the production, distribution use of goods1 Including commodities and services.

While control of the industries in the public sector is ultimately in the hands of the government in the
private sector control is vested in those who have a financial interest in a particular company. In most
private companies ownership is concentrated in one or in a few hands. And In practice the directors of a large
number of small businesses are numbers of the same family.

The American economy is usually called a private enterprise economy. These means the exclusive right of an
individual to control wealth or income. A person has the right to make what he likes, and as ha likes. The
economy being coordinated by Individual decision expressed in a market, an alternative term for such type of
economy is a market economy.

To carry on production a business needs inputs4 also called factors of production. Economists say that there
are four main factors concerned with production. The most important Inputs are labour and capital having a
special meaning in economics.

Labour means any kind physical or mental effort exerted in production. It includes the work of the
corporation executive6 or college teacher as well as that of the' farmer, or plumber. Capital used alone means
physical capital, or instrument of production- Machinery in an automobile assembly plant Is capital. Raw
materials semifinished goods in the hands of producers are also capital.


VI. Знайдіть в тексті, перепишіть та перекладіть на українську мову відповіді на такі питання.

What does economics deal with?

Who controls the private sector?

What does labour mean?

1V. Знайдіть у тексті, перепишіть та перекладіть на українську мову відповіді на такі питання:

When were the first mechanical calculating machines developed?

What computers is it possible to obtain today?

What are the main classes of computers?


The List.

l. The Nature of Basic Economic Problems.

2. Should Workers Be Owners?


4.0rigins of Trade.

5.Materials Management.

6. Management Information Systems.

7.Computers as Tools for Marketing.

8. Bank Organization



Well, now, to begin with. It is important to state that any student of business subjects must understand
certain basic ideas. One of the first and roost important of these deals with the nature of basic economic
problems , and we are going to discuss this in general terms.

The problems of economics arise out of the fact that there are limited resources which have to satisfy almost
limitless human wants. The existing supply of resources is inadequate to satisfy the desire of individuals for
food consumer durable goods, housing, entertainment etc. This fact leads to one of the basic problems of
economics, the problem of scarcity. What do we mean by " scar-city"?

There are not enough resources to produce sufficient quantities of commodities to satisfy human wants. The
efore certain economic decisions must be made. Including the decision as what will be made: what quantity of
each commodity will be produced, and whose wants will be satisfied.

Resources consist of natural resources, wich include land, minerals, forests and fuels : human resources,
which may be classified as mental and physical and man-made resources wich include those goods which make


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